Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cycle trip 1: Sprotborough-Cusworth-Conisborough-High Melton

My first cycle trip since being back home.

Date: 19th July 2011
Length of route: 21.9 miles/35.3km
Route: Hexthorpe-Sprotborough-Cusworth-Conisborough-High Melton-Sprotborough-Warmsworth-Hexthorpe
Difficult level: Easy-Medium

This route followed a roughly figure of eight pattern. We started off from my house, heading into the town centre down St. Sepulchre Gate and past the railway station, going over the North Bridge and onto York Road. After a brief stop at Morissons for supplies, we continue up York Road then take a left onto Cusworth Lane. At Cusworth country park head off-road around the lake and through the fields before doubling back for a lunch break. We continue on road down into Sprotborough, passing by the Boat Inn for a circular manoeuvre before heading off road once again, following the Transpennine trail along the river all the way up past Conisborough Castle to Earth Centre. Eventually come out at Pastures Lane, taking a right turn for the fairly steep hill up into High Melton. Following down through High Melton, we retrace our steps (?!) into Sprotborough, head over the bridge past the streaming waterfalls and attempt the hill back up into Warmsworth. At this point (3 miles from home) my friend's chain decides to go after coming off his bike earlier in the trip. Continue on foot through Warmsworth, down into Balby and back through Hexthorpe Park. The route took around 3 hours including rest stops and walking back through the park.

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