Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day 12 - 29th August 2011 - Donji Štoj/Ulcinj, Montenegro

As today was our last last day with our coach departure scheduled for the evening, we just hung around in Donji Štoj, the little village like area where we were based in our accommodation. Since we didn't have to vacate our apartments until the coach came to pick us up, we sat around playing cards for a while before heading over to the beach for a final swim. The beach here is very big so is not particularly crowded and allows for a pleasant swim - the water was very warm at around 30 degrees, certainly warmer than most swimming pools back home! We met our friends from our apartment building whilst we were on the beach so we sat talking to them for a while and sunning ourselves, which was a pleasant and relaxing way to spend the final day - definitely needed with another 30 hour coach trip ahead of us.

After the swim it was mid-afternoon so we went back to pack our things up and get something to eat, after which we all just sat on the roof of the building whilst the sun set, playing cards and chatting. A very pleasant end to a very pleasant holiday in Montenegro - rather nicely, I managed to capture this wonderful sunset from the roof, as if the country was saying 'Goodbye' to us in it's own way!

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