Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New brakes

Despite being only six months old, I was having problems with the front brake on my yellow bike, as it seemed to be stiff and wasn't braking effectively at all, despite having just fitted brand new brake pads and riding in dry weather. As such, I took it in to the bike shop to have it seen to, with the conclusion that the brakes were quite cheap and needed replacing. Since I mainly used the front brake, and to have both replaced would have been quite costly, I decided to have the front brake replaced and fitted, with the option of having the rear brake done at some future time. As you can see, the new brake looks considerably better quality than the old:


The new brake looks so good in fact, that it makes the brakes on my more expensive road bike look cheap. Nevertheless, the brakes on my new bike are more effective, as they have a very short drop, where-as the yellow bike requires brakes with a long drop, which inevitably compromises a little braking power. Still, it makes one wonder how my new bike would perform if I chose branded brakes for that at some future time. The world of bike customisation appears almost endless...

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