Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 7: Friday, 15th June 2012 - Genova

And so I awoke to our last day at 7:30am, in order to have breakfast and spend an hour looking round the shops I hadn't managed to see yesterday. This included the oldest bookshop in Genova, which I had been informed about yesterday, and an academic bookshop I had discovered the near the university as we were on our way back to the hotel yesterday. After a pleasant, quiet and solitary breakfast, I made my way back to the centre on yesterdays day ticket (logically, day tickets are valid for 24 hours here, rather than the more inefficient method of making you buy a new ticket for each period between 0.00 and 23.59 back home).

First of all, I went to the bookshop I had been recommended yesterday, where I again found the pocket book of the Genovese language I had found yesterday, and three smaller booklets that introduced different aspects of the language. Although nicely presented and quite useful, the booklets did not have the depth of the pocket book, which packed a surprising amount of information into a small space, and so I bought that one.

After this, I made my way to the university bookshop to look for books on politics and international relations I had heard about beforehand - despite having seen them on Amazon's Italian website, I thought it much better to buy them in Italian shops, thus contributing to the Italian economy and the local store rather than that of a big international chain. I located the series of books I wanted, but not the title, so I asked the shop assistant and managed to find the book on International Organisations I had been searching for, which should prove an interesting challenge.

Following this, time was marching on and I made my way back to hotel, wishing that I were staying at least a few more days to get to know this intriguing city and its people better. Nonetheless, I feel that this holiday has been perhaps the most enjoyable I have ever taken, as I took my time, saw some smaller, local places where the pace of life is slower, and the time did not seem to go quickly as with past holidays at all. As such, I hope to return to this region soon and to spend more time on getting to know it, as it is easily the nicest of the Italian region I have seen so far. Here's to the next trip!

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