Saturday, 31 May 2014

Training route with new tyres

Date: 31 May 2014
Length of route: 23.83km/14.81 miles
Route: Doncaster-Centre-Edlington-Wadworth-Doncaster
Difficulty level: Easy

First posting for a while, as I went out on my bike on a trial run today using my new tyres which I had delivered recently - Schwalbe Lugano Rigid Road Tyres, bought for £11.49 each online. In order to match my bike, I went with the tyres with red edging, in order to

brighten up an otherwise dull area of the bike and, ironically, to give my bike an edge. I had originally planned to ride in the Peak District today, but given that I had spent 2 hours trying to work out why I couldn't get the rear tyre to stay up (despite having tried two inner tubes) I gave it up for the day and just decided to head to town and back, pick up a new inner tube and then go on my usual loop out into the country lanes not too far from my house.

So, how did the 'training ride' go? Well, although at 305/325g (weight given by Wiggle) the tyres are not the lighest, they are narrower than my previous tyres, being 700 x 23c as opposed to my previous tyres which were 700 x 25c. As such, I noticed a definite performance increase, given the wheels have less surface area contact with the road, and therefore better rolling resistance. I was able to cruise at higher speed than I had previously and certainly found it easier to fly up the few 'hills' on my route. The elevation ultimately isn't significant in my area, but I could definitely tell my time going up them has improved (either that or I'm just getting fitter).

So now, I feel all ready to attempt a longer and more interesting ride in the Peak District tomorrow. I haven't chosen a fixed route yet, but have got two in mind - so will be sure to post about these tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy the photos of my fancy new tyres in my oh-so-nice garden..



  1. Good stuff dude. Nothing like getting some miles into the legs. (For info, wider tyres have lower rolling resistance). What pressure's you running, btw?

  2. Running at 100psi at the moment - roughly in the middle of the tyre capacity.