Saturday, 23 April 2016

Two weeks to go

I'm now two weeks away from my trip to New York and the USA and the reality of it all is now very much dawning on me. I keep wandering around in a state of shock, unable to believe that I'm actually going and it's only round the corner. I finally bought some dollars this week as the exchange rate hit $1.44 and that made it seem even more real. I still have more to get but that doesn't change the fact that this is a huge deal for me.

I know transatlantic travel is easier (and cheaper) now and more people than ever are travelling around the world on a regular basis seeking fortune  and, in my case, adventure. For me however, this still isn't something I do regularly or am able to as this trip has cost me about a month's wages (not including spending money). I could potentially have done the trip a little cheaper but the US isn't cheap and I'm not going all that way to share a small hostel room with several other people (at least not on my first time out there for 14 years!).

I don't know too many people who can just decide they're going to America and actually do it - families, mortgages to pay for and children all cost money. All of which reminds me I'm simply not ready for that (and maybe never will be!)  I'd much rather spend my hard earned cash at this stage on an exciting adventure such as this one. My living costs are lower than many other people's I know but it still isn't an easy trip to make with all the planning involved and getting time off work.

Anyway enough waffling. I've got my sights so far set on visiting the 9/11 memorial museum, Ellis Island and the New York Transit Museum, as well as seeing the street with the Friend's apartment building on it, just to convince myself it really does exist!! Let's not forget of course that New York will come second, and I'm staying in Brooklyn first, not Manhattan (kind of a mistake on my part, maybe?).

Also, the first stop before New York is St. Louis, for fun and relaxation, but I'm expecting New York to be the big hitter, where I cram in so much and still only scrape the surface. I can already see myself leaving the city wanting more, and will hopefully return the following year during my *gasp* 30th year. Possibly not in May, like this year, but maybe in September - the other time when the city shouldn't be too hot! Here's hoping the next few weeks pass with relative speed...

Over and out.

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