Friday, 3 June 2016

Remembering New York...and the return

Last night, I started planning my return to New York city, already pencilled in for May next year. Of course, I've nothing booked just yet, as I need to save money before I can consider doing anything like that again. Still, a few months of good old fashioned hard work and I should be good to go! The city must have really left an imprint on me to start planning my next trip as soon as I've got back.

Still, I know several people who say New York is just another city and they're not that bothered about visiting it. Perhaps they're right, and it isn't of particular importance for them. Still, something had called out to me for many years before I finally visited in May 2016, and I still feel immensely grateful that I've had the chance to see it.

I remember one evening when me and my Dad had been out for a drink or two in the city after dinner. We came back to the hotel and just started playing a random song or two, including some old favourites. It doesn't matter what the songs were, but somehow they formed a quintessential part of my New York experience and I hear those songs differently now since having returned home.

Ever since I got back two weeks ago, I've had instances where I simply think of the city and what I did there. Frequently about Manhattan, but mostly about Brooklyn. Don't get me wrong, Manhattan is cool, and is definitely where New York is at and where the most exciting sights are and stuff happens. Still I feel a strong sense of personal connection with Brooklyn and like that's where I feel most comfortable in New York.

It's exciting knowing that the beast that is Manhattan is literally right across the water, but Brooklyn seems to offer a down to earth retreat which feels much more real and grounded than Manhattan, whilst at the same time enhancing it's appeal and allure. Brooklyn is much more low rise, with cool local independent shops, cafes, bars and other attractions, particularly in Greenpoint and Williamsburg north of Central Brooklyn. This more than anything else makes Brooklyn seem more personable and attractive than Manhattan itself.

Having said that, it's these two sides of the coin that make New York as a whole so exciting. It takes little to no time to find a quiet secluded spot which can feel your own, even if just for a moment in time. Green parks, urban paradise (if it can be called that) and independent shops all vye for existence, yet somehow seem to exist in non-discordant harmony. Perhaps this is the real allure of New York city, and why I love it so much? Only 11 months 'til I see it again ;)

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