Saturday, 27 August 2011

Day 10 - 27th August 2011 – Ulcinj/Podgorica, Montenegro

Decided to take today fairly easy after yesterday's long day of sightseeing – I was asleep within minutes, which is very unlike me! Since we're getting towards the end of the trip now, and have spent most of the time travelling along the coast, we decided to take a train journey to the capital, Podgorica. It's only an hour away, but involves catching a bus to Bar, then carrying on by train to Podgorica.

The capital itself isn't anything particularly special, and is pretty small for a capital city (quite befitting of a small country). The buildings aren't particularly inspiring since the city has been ravaged various times by war, earthquakes and other things, and as such bears the scars of such a difficult past. The only historic item of note that remains is a clock tower from the days of Turkish occupation, made of stone instead of the dull concrete blocks seen mostly elsewhere.

Despite all this however, Podgorica retains a friendly, welcoming air, even though there isn't much to see or do. There are a few pedestrianised shopping streets with tree-lined walkways, and an attempt has been made to create a central area by installing a fountain and paving off the marked area known nowadays as Trg Replublike (Republic Square). However, the shops simply sell everything needed for everyday life such as clothes and technical items. There are no souvenir shops of any kind, and it seems impossible to find a postcard, despite the fact that there are some nice areas in the city. Still, this kind of added to the charm of the place, knowing that there were no other tourists around, as it's hard to imagine anyone would come here for a holiday. At least we can say we've seen the place, and taken a train ride which was fairly scenic. Tomorrow is the last full day we have here, so we're just going to take one last trip into the centre of Ulcinj and laze around for the day.

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