Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 3 – 20th August 2011 – Croatia/Montenegro

Carrying on through Croatia after the passport check, we stopped an hour or so further on with an opportunity for a photo. Sadly, we also pass Dubrovnik on this route with no plans to stop, but we managed to get a shot of it as we passed when the bus slowed down for a split second – I never realised it was on such low-lying land. The photo stop was to be our last before entering Montenegro however, which was easily the most exciting as we were taken on the coach onto a ferry to cross what I think may have been the Bay of Kotor, but I'm not sure. The views here were tremendous and it really is a unique experience crossing on a coach on a ferry! The sensation of moving is extraordinary but strangely soothing.

Finally, two hours later we arrive in Ulcinj, with the feeling that Montenegro lives up to it's name – it's very mountainous country, but with enviably green land and gloriously blue waters. After getting off the coach to temperatures of 35 degrees (made bearable by the pleasant sea breeze) and collecting our baggage, we were taken to our accommodation. We are in a very light and airy room with fridge, kitchenette and two comfortable double beds – we need a fridge in here! We spent the first night just getting comfortable and settling in, having decided to have some pizza in the nearby restaurant and make use of the internet cafe next door (50 cents for half an hour), although we also took a walk to check out the beach. After going to the supermarket to buy more essentials (water, milk, beer etc!) we head back to turn in for the night, as we're not in the centre of Ulcinj so decided to save that for another day.

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